Welcome to the isEvolved staging server (soon to be retired).

About Staging

To minimize downtime and to hide sites during construction, we'll commonly move everything to a subdomain on our staging server while we work our magic.

Don't worry, we don't leave it here. Once approved, we move it back to the client's live server. We might leave a copy of it here for a while, just so we have a backup. However, don't count on that copy staying here. Case-in-point, this staging server is due to be retired (deleted) soon.

Again, this is just a staging site. This is where we break things.

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Why am I seeing this?

It's just a placeholder page--albeit a really cool one. At JDM Digital, we can't help but make even our placeholders awesome. It's just sort of how we roll.

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Say Hi

Drop us a line if you have any questions, concerns, or to just want to say hi!

The End?

"Cool Pageholder" by the nerds @ JDM Digital